Sustainability in Energy and Buildings: Research Advances ISSN 2054-3743

PublisherFuture Technology Press
Vol. 9Sustainability in Energy, Buildings, Design and Manufacturing Short Papers
Article Title The financial impact of policy schemes on PV+Battery systems in residential buildings: A case study in Cyprus
Primary AuthorNikolas G. Chatzigeorgiou, University of Cyprus
Other Author(s)Michalis Florides, George Georghiou
Pages8 - 17
Article IDSEB21s-007
Publication Date15-Feb-23
AbstractThe number of grid-connected Photovoltaic (PV) systems continues to increase, especially in the building sector, due to both the vast cost reduction observed and the existence of direct policy intervention through various com- pensation mechanisms. As a result, several security and stability issues to the grid are expected to arise, mainly due to the mismatch of PV production and building demand. This paper addresses the integration of Battery Energy Stor- age Systems (BESSs) in three residential buildings equipped with PVs in Cy- prus, as a means to tackle the aforementioned issues by increasing energy self- consumption. Furthermore, it focuses on the impact of various policy schemes, such as Net-Metering and Net-Billing, on the financial feasibility of PV+Battery installations in residences, by analysing the pilot operation under various compensation mechanisms, during the first year since the Net-Metering amendment in Cyprus, which stems from the latest EU guidelines for more sus- tainable and cost-effective Renewable Energy Sources at the building sidea.
RemarksPaper presented at KES International Conference on Sustainability in Energy and Buildings(KES-SEB-21),16-17 September 2021, KES Virtual Conference Centre.
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